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Program Testimonials

Hear From Our Volunteers and Partners


“I’ve chatted with many students . . . and I get to know them rather quickly. Sometimes we talk about the earth, sun and moon, and I can see how some of them are envisioning and thinking in three dimensions. That’s inspiring to see.”—Ken Brown, Mechanical Engineer and RESET Volunteer Since 2006


“The students had a big aha moment when they made the connection that computer science can basically be applied to any field of interest, which then totally ignited their desire to learn more. We all look forward to the next and continuing sessions with Ms. Seekhao!”Christa Weber, 5th-grade Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) Teacher at Crestwood Elementary


“I hope that my leadership encourages other Girl Scouts to take risks and step up into a role that is different because it can be so much fun to change things up. I am very glad that I choose to step up and help RESET as a volunteer, because I made some friends along the way and I will never forget my experiences.”—Ellalle M. Bullock, Girl Scout from Troop 780 in Oakton and RESET Volunteer in 2019


"After working with RESET volunteers for a year I have seen a change in my students' engagement and interest in science. My students look forward to RESET volunteers and the science activities they provide."—Claudia Austin, First Grade Teacher at Clopper Mill Elementary School

"It’s not like many of the volunteer choices that people have at my age. It’s quite challenging trying to figure out how to get into these young people’s heads... It’s the most intellectually challenging and gratifying volunteer activity that I could think of, that I’ve ever come across."—Bob Blumberg, Retired Mechanical Engineer and RESET Volunteer in 2011

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